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Bigtwin Bikeshow

And of course, these beauty's were on the best Dutch bikeshow of the year!







Simplifying things

Symplifying the wire-diagram.... to the point where even we understand it. ;-)







Hog Time!

Adam Perry Lang Hog time with the perfect guidance of APL. Serious BBQ!







Wrenching all the way....

After a day of wrenching, a glimpse of what this bike will look like, once done.

See our projectpage for the 'making of' and our for sale page for the total image.




Just some ideas

... To pimp a ride. These look awesome!








Refurbished Custom Brake Lever

A set we picked up for a few bucks at the junkyard and refurbished. Gonna look nice on one of our chops. Clear plastic will be the master cylinder. Cheap, easy and different.




Some 'Cue

Some 'Cue to get us through the day. Wings, sausage, pulled pork and some brown beans. We need a bigger serving board, because the @gowanusfurniture one is a little to small. Pete, can I order custom sizes?


You know the answer?

Always fun, setting up a tire-hugging fender, welding in (in house made) bungs, bending fender struts with the torch ..... and the always important question: where and how short to cut the fender?





Pro's getting together

Don't you love it when Indian Larry (risers and handlebar), Bill Dodge (Triples), Crime Scene Choppers (Headlight), Joker Machine (Turn Signals), Harley (Legs) and Jan Wielinga (Paint) get together! It's going to be an awesome bike!




Pulled (heritage) pork, APL-style!

A little break from bike building: feeding the crowd pulled (heritage) pork, APL-style. With brine-injections, mustard moisturizers, wrapping mixtures, final glazing, 13 hours of low-and-slow cherry-wood heat ..... it turned into 'Cue heaven.