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Awesome Chopper!!

This bike, a California Long Beach built, West Coast Chopper will get here April 28th. Awesome Chopper!! Will get titled, tagged in the blink of an eye. Can't wait to scare old ladies, have babies cry, car alarms go off and girls smile when we take this one down the road. Look at FOR SALE for more information on this monster....

Weekend with nothing to do

Don't leave us alone with a bike for a long weekend with nothing else to do, because there is a good chance the wrenches come out and the bike sheds some parts. This softail was in desperate need of chopping ..... the final result (including the freshly painted tins) will be ready to show in a few weeks.


Headlight in candy-apple-red

We're not just in the import business, but we also try to complete 2 bike-builds per year. On of them is in the finishing stages, and just went for paint (candy-apple-red with mini flakes and white accents) at Jan Wielinga in Marum. This bike will be awesome!!!! Thanks Jan! The job you did on this headlight is excellent!!


Transport through Spain and back

This bare boned, hard tailed, who the @$!# needs a front brake and fender, true 2% chop took us through Spain and back. Awesome ride. Everything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards. Follow us on Instagram: el_lobo_cycles for more pics and bike builds.


New arrived!!

We proudly present our new bike! Click here to read the whole story.




Where would we be with the expertise of true craft-masters? After a mad rush to the finish, parts were taken to Jorgen Post (a master TiG welder in Drachten) to make sure the welds are up to par. After this, Jan Wielinga (Marum) took possession of all of these parts to do his thing. You want your bike to go from nice to awsome, go to this guy. Outstanding guy.


You can find the rest of the story over here


New wheels are coming.....

These wheels are on their way to us. Awesome chop! 2% to the core. 








The Indian Larry - Bling project: Step 2

For our project bike we picked up this classic Indian Larry gas tank on one of our trips to Brooklyn. However, the tabs are but-ugly. Thank God for the angle grinder! We took the channel out. To our disbelieve the thickness of this tank is a little anorexic. Not like those Jesse James Villain tanks, which are indestructible.  So we will have to weld some reinforced bungs into the channel, but also strong bungs to go through the backbone to hold the gastank in place. A set of bungs were fabricated and turned on the lathe. We also want a fuel line indicator on this tank, as this safes from unscrewing the cap while riding to peek into the tank to see how desperately we need to look for a gasstation. More bungs turned on the lathe. The whole thing took us an hour and cost us (including all the other bits and bobs you see on the picture) less than 5 bucks.

New parts added!

We added a lot of new parts for sale to our parts-page. Check it out now!

Parts for sale




Project Indian Larry - Bling

One of the first projects we will share with you guys in the next few months is the build of a Hardtail Oldschool bike along the likes of Indian Larry (see picture of White Devil). All business, no bullshit. We have a lot of parts lying around that are desperately asking to be used……. so we should be able to hit the ground running on this one.