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For Sale


Bling Cycles - Disco -




Currently in Stage 2 

(registered for UK road use)

Current price: Euro 15.950,-




We build this bike using a Bling Cycles (Bill Dodge) bike that was tired after many miles on the road (see projects page), and selling this bike on commission.
We started of with a Bling Cycles frame and Front End (total rake 34) and a 95” Flathead Engine combined with a Baker 5 speed. And then we just startes adding the good stuff:
  • Indian Larry Handle bar and Risers
  • Indian Larry Gastank, modified
  • Exile integrated throttle and Sprocket Brake
  • Performance Machines front brake
  • Spitfire Mid-controls
  • Crime Scene Choppers Headlight and Pegs
  • Joker Machine Indicators
  • Bassani Exhaust with Gold Cerakote (see links page)
  • Goodyear Sniper 2 Lines
The bike handles extremely well and looks the part! Jan Wielinga outdid himself on paint which makes the bike stand out in any crowd. But don't be mistaken, as pretty as it looks, it has handled the streets in Brooklyn, the roads in Europe and is ready to pound the pavement of the UK (Netherlands, Germany, or wherever you want to take this bike). 



Type: S&S
Size: 95 cubic inches
Carb: S&S Shorty with S&S air cleaner`
Exhaust: Bassani 2-in-1
Type: Baker 5 speed with Primo Brute 3” Open Belt.
Type: Bling Cycles
Rake: Neck 34 degrees, with Bling Cycles Triple Trees
Stretch: 2” up and 2” out
Swingarm: Hardtail
Forks: Showa 
Wheels,Tires and Brakes
Wheels: DNA stainless steel with Black Powder Coated billet hubs
Tires: 150/17 Avon Distanzia rear and 19” Avon Distanzia front
Brakes: Performance Machines front, Exile Sprocket Rear
Powder Coat: Gloss black 
Paint: Jan Wielinga  
Color(s): Candy Flake Purple - White
Graphics: Jan Wielinga
Bars: Indian Larry with Indian Larry risers.
Hand Controls: Internal Exile Throttle
Headlights: Crime Scene Choppers
Indicators: Joker Machines
Electrical: HI-4 Crane Cams
Fuel Tank: Indian Larry - Modified
Oil Tank: Bling Cycles 
Rear Fender: Motor Cycle Storehouse
Foot Controls: Crime Scene Choppers
Seat: Lucky 17
Mid-controls: Spitfire


This bike is currently registered, tagged, titled and located in the UK, where is can be bought for Euro 15.950,- 
If you are located in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, contact us for more info on shipping, transferring the registration and so forth. 
Stage 2:
-Registered, tagged and titled in the UK.
Stage 3:
- wheel on Dutch soil: contact us for pricing
- UK registration transferred to Dutch registration: contact us for pricing