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For Sale


Cool Custom Chopper


Sold in Stage 3

(registered and titled for NL use)

for EURO 13.500,- 


Sometimes the heart overrules the mind ……. usually because of women …….. and sometimes because of a bike. We bought this bike because we wanted to know what it would be like to ride a nice fat tire in a low-slung BBQ black bike. This bike fit the bill. Very nicely set-up by a junior builder who knew what he was doing and didn’t skim on parts. It rode like a charm on US highways. Straight, not to fast, almost no cornering. But after we took it for a spin on Europe’s city streets, windy roads and high speed highways ….. the bike wasn’t up to par. Don’t get us wrong, its an absolutely great bike, just not our cup-of-tea. The guy who bought it was happy as a pig in shit, so this story has a nice ending. We’ll get you a bike like this, but don’t expect us to applaud you, hahahaha.


Maker: Coole Customs - Camwinders

Type: Softail Stretch

Fabricator: Coole Customs


Type: El Bruto Ultima

Size: 107 cubic inches

Carb: Ultima

Ignition: Spike Ignition

Exhaust: Coole Customs


Type: Rivera 5 Speed


Type:Redneck Engineering

Rake: Yes ……

Stretch: 4

Swingarm: Softail

Forks: Redneck Engineering

Wheels and Brakes


Front: Paugho Stainless with 60 spokes

Rear: Paugho Stainless with 80 spokes (300 tire)


Front: Performance Machines

Rear: Performance Machines


Molding: Coole Customs

Painter: FlexiCoat - Jason McDraw

Color(s): BBQ black with pinstripe

Graphics: Pine Stripe - Jason McDraw


Bars: Redneck Engineering

Hand Controls: Performance Machines

Headlight: Baker Lights

Fuel/Oil Tank: 2-in-1 Coole Customs

Rear Fender: Redneck Engineering

Pegs: HD

Foot Controls: HD

Seat: Of the shelf.