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For Sale


El Bruto




Sold in Stage 2 

(registered for UK road use)

For £ 12.950,-




Putting together an awesome bike requires more than throwing some expensive parts together. That being said, using quality parts in your build does guarantee a high quality end-product that can take the beating of many miles. This bike is a prime example of such a a high spec build. 

Build in California, sold to a guy close to Chicago who scared himself shitless the first time he opened up the gas on this beast …. and put it in his garage for 2 years, until his wife made him sell it to us. This bike is brand-spanking new!

Just check out the spec list to see all the Joker Machine, Jesse James, Billet, Performance Machine, Big Bear Choppers, House of Kolor and other parts used in this build. Only the best was good enough.

The bike is registered, taxed, tagged, titled and located in the UK. However, for all you European buyers, drop us a line and we can quote you a price to have the bike shipped to you, with or without transferring the registration. All of our bikes come with a legitimate and fully legal registration, so no funny business!




Type: Ultima

Size: 107 cubic inches

Carb: 45 mm Mikuni, top cross over breather and Joker Machine air cleaner

Exhaust: Big Bear Choppers 2” Inch Exhaust 



Type: fully polished Ultima 6-speed with hydraulic clutch and 2 inch open-belt



Type: Kraftech

Rake: Neck 34 degrees, with 7 degrees in Big Bear Chopper triple trees: 41 degree rake

Stretch: 4” up and 2” out

Swingarm: Hardtail

Forks: MID-USA 4” over wide glide front end.


Wheels,Tires and Brakes

Wheels: DNA stainless steel 40 spoke wheels with chrome billet hubs

Tires: 200/18 Metzeler rear and 21” Avon Venom front

Brakes: Performance Machines Chromed Billet 4 pistons front & rear



Powder Coat: Gloss black 

Paint: House of Kolor  

Color(s):Candy Tangerine

Graphics: Flames on Black



Bars: K&N with Joker Machine 4 inch risers.

Hand Controls: Joker Machine with Performance Machine Rental Hand Grips

Headlights: Custom Chrome 5-3/4”

Indicators: MotoGadget

Taillight: Custom Chrome

Electrical: HI-4 Crane Cams

Fuel Tank: Jesse James - Villain - Narrowed

Oil Tank: Daytec

Rear Fender: Twisted Choppers

Foot Controls: Chrome Billet 

Seat: custom tooled black leather with Iron Cross

Lines: russell performance pro system 2 brake and clutch fittings and lines