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For Sale


West Coast Choppers - CFL - Green and Mean




Sold in Stage 3 

registered (RDW), tagged and titled for use in the Netherlands

For Euro 13.000,-





This bike is tough as nails, as can be expected from a Jesse James - West Coast Choppers CFL.

It was build during the chopper-craze a few years back, and ridden hard ever since. When we bought this bike of the first owner, it was clear it needed a complete rebuild. Even though he had just dropped in a brand new 113 CI polished Ultima engine, overhauled the transmission and had the tank and fender professionally repainted, there were still a few gremlins hunting this bike. So we took it completely apart and did a professional rebuild resulting in a stunning West Coast Chopper, ready to pound the tarmac for years to come. 

The bike has a fresh UK registration, is located in the Netherlands, and will receive a RDW registration shortly. We can knock a few euros of the price if you want to take care of this yourself, but are in the process of getting it done. All of our bikes come with a legitimate and fully legal RDW registration, so no funny business!



 Maker: West Coast Choppers

Type: CFL-1 - Hardtail Oldschool

Fabricator: West Coast Choppers - El Lobo Rebuild



Type: Ultima

Size: 113 cubic inches

Carb: S&S Shorty

Ignition: Fireball - Single Fire Ignition Coil

Exhaust: West Coast Choppers - Hell Bent



Type: Primo Belt - Brute IV - open belt - 6 speed



Type: West Coast Choppers

Rake: 38 with 7 degrees in the triple trees

Stretch: 4 up, 2 out

Swingarm: Hardtail

Forks: Showa +6


Wheels,Tires and Brakes

Wheels: RC Components Regal: front 21” , rear 16”

Tires: VEE rubber 90/21 (front) and Vee rubber 200/60 (rear)

Brakes: Performance Machines


Powder Coat: CTC Powder Coat - Maldon UK

Paint: Gary Donelson

Color(s): Black, Green Tribal

Graphics: Gary Donelson


Bars: K&N Speed Bars

Hand Controls: El Lobo Cycles

Headlights: Head Winds

Indicators: MotoGadget

Taillight: J&P

Electrical: HI-4 Crane Cams

Fuel Tank: Jesse James - Villain

Oil Tank: Jesse James - West Coast Choppers

Rear Fender: Jesse James - Modified

Pegs: Performance Machines

Foot Controls: Performance Machines

Seat: Seat Pan West Coast Choppers - Leather by Roberti Customs